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With a blend of best practices and customized customer care, our goal is to understand the individuality of each of our clients, build a road map to meet their objectives, and provide the best service and direct mail and donor development strategies to help grow their organizations through the acquisition of new and development of existing donors and partners. We partner with our clients to create success by bringing expertise and a skilled team to the table to work with our clients and be an asset.

Our direct mail, media, and donor development services suite includes:

Marketing That Matters

Consulting Services

We recognize that effective campaigns don’t just happen by chance. They happen through careful planning and orchestration. By using the most appropriate direct-media channels to create the most relevant connections with your target audience, we provide welcoming opportunities to engage with your brand, your offer, and your call to action.

Maintaining strategic and relevant direct marketing campaigns requires keeping up with the market, reacting quickly, and knowing what does and doesn’t work. Our goal is to create truly integrated marketing campaigns for successful one-to-one dialogues with your customers and prospects alike.

We propose to help Lighthouse develop a plan that will outline the mutually approved strategies for future growth of your ministry outreach. We propose working in conjunction with Lighthouse to monitor the results of each campaign and recommend strategic adjustments as may be indicated by the analysis.

By partnering together we will work to develop the entire donor support file by developing strategies to convert and cultivate the existing file as well as strategies to acquire new names, develop donors, and build effective fundraising campaigns.

Great Campaigns Don’t Happen, They Are Created

Project Management

The Bookmark Publishing creative team is comprised of direct marketing specialists, educated and trained to create effective one-to-one communications that drive higher response. We are skilled in developing the concepts, writing the copy, designing the graphics, and incorporating the data into the strategies. We provide:

  • New concepts, copy writing, and graphic design
  • Direct marketing creative that utilizes insight, data elements, select segments, individual buying behavior, response reporting, and testing results to produce results-driven creative.
  • Customer acquisition and retention campaigns, up-sell and cross-sell initiatives, partnership programs, and personalized direct-channel marketing

Deliver Greatness…

Our Bookmark Publishing team proposes that we provide Lighthouse with a complete turnkey direct mail service. Once the creative process is completed, Bookmark Publishing will provide printing and mailing services and on-time “in-house” delivery dates established.

We produce hundreds of thousands of direct mail pieces every year through our full-service production platform and postal clearing facilities.

Bookmark Publishing continues to expand and refine our direct mail development

Direct Mail Design

Media Copy TBD…

Media Production

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